Is your network ready for digital transformation?

August 3, 2018 Remco van der Panne

With the rise of cloud computing and the rising need for mobility, networks are being tasked with greater demands than ever before. To deal with this, companies should consider whether their network infrastructure is ready for digital transformation and geared towards an agile business – and if it is not, then they need to make changes to ensure that it is.

Here we look at five areas to consider to ensure your network is digital transformation ready.

Wifi has changed from ‘nice to have’ to ‘must have’

Many small and medium businesses are using network infrastructure that was designed for a time when wireless connectivity was not mission-critical. But now that businesses of all sizes are being urged to bring products and services to market faster to improve customer experiences, it is imperative that they invest in new network infrastructure including wifi.

Make network security and wifi encryption a priority

IDC advises organisations to make network security a key priority. The reason? Data has become a key asset in digital businesses, and so has the number of points where data is stored, accessed and analysed including the IoT and public cloud SaaS applications. As a result, there are more entry points for cyber-attacks on the network. Businesses therefore need to boost their cyber security using next-generation products that focus on protection, detection and remediation, and that are integrated with the network infrastructure at its foundation, allowing for granular policy-setting and visibility.

Check which areas of your network can be automated

IDC also see huge potential in network automation. There are two benefits of this; a reduction in time spent by IT managers on manual processes, and the subsequent use of this time to add value to the business through innovation or other less mundane tasks. This will also help to improve morale in the long-run; why focus on repetitive tasks that can be handled by sophisticated network technology?

Use high-performance software and hardware

There is a constant increase in workforce mobility and SaaS application usage, according to IDC, which means that businesses need to consider the impact on the performance of both hardware and software on the network. This will help  to prioritise mission-critical applications, and to better understand how use of one application – such as social media – could affect the performance of another, more important application, such as CRM or web conferencing.

Get in touch with the network innovators

Vendors that have a proven track-record of innovating with networks should be considered. They will know how best to build a network for digital transformation, allowing companies to compete effectively in physical and digital environments, and improve engagement with customers through mobile apps, location-based services and other new engaging technologies. But, first and foremost, keep in mind your business objectives, align this with the new technologies required, and then consider who is best placed to help you succeed.

There’s plenty to consider when evaluating a network infrastructure upgrade; new technologies play an important part in this, as do new processes, people and ways of working. It’s is an important part of any company’s bid to become an agile business, and in their digital transformation quest.

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