5 ways to keep your IT skills up to date with Cisco

March 4, 2019 Ant Newman

When things are busy, training is one of the first things to drop off of your to-do list. In a small business, you can’t always take days out of the office to go sit in a classroom.

But you know that it’s critical to both your career and the success of your business that you stay up to speed with all the new technologies in the market.

At Cisco, it’s our mission to help you be successful, whichever of our small business technologies you invest in. And that means sharing our expertise with you in ways that make it easy for you to learn on your terms.

Here are just five:

On-demand training from Technical Knowledge Library (TKL)

The Technical Knowledge Library gives you on-demand access to loads of content — training, design guides, best practices and more — whenever you need them, from any browser. The technical content from our Learning@Cisco organisation is some of the most respected in the world, so you know you’ll get straight to what you need, without having to filter out the junk on Google. TKL is a great way to top up your knowledge when a question pops up during the day job, or to advance your skills during your lunch break (when you get a chance to take one, that is…)

Learn more about TKL here, and check out some of our free webinars >>

Learn from your peers through the Cisco Gateway

Cisco customers are smart, creative and tenacious — they often know the ins and outs of our technologies as well as we do. When you join our communities, you can access (and contribute to) that hive mind of shared knowledge to help you with any tricky situations that crop up — and have a bit of fun at the same time.

Start by joining The Gateway, here >>

3. Get the latest news across cisco.com

Every day, a host of amazing new content is published across Cisco.com. It’s the best place to get the latest Cisco product news, inspirational stories and market analysis in the format to suit you, whether you like to read, watch or listen on your commute.

4. Go hands-on at Cisco Live

Once a year, all of Cisco gathers in Barcelona for Cisco Live, supported by a network of smaller Cisco Connect events. When you invest in time out of the office you’ll be rewarded with hands-on technical sessions, demos, and networking opportunities — including a small business only track, Small Business Live. Can’t make it to the event? You can watch most of the replays on our On-Demand Library.

Save the date for our next event >>

5. Get your code on with DevNet

If infrastructure or app development is your bag, DevNet’s half-million-strong community is for you. Dig in to video courses and labs tailored to the technologies you care about. Get code examples, play with our APIs and sandboxes, and meet likeminded people.

Find everything you need at DevNet >>


It’s never too late

Whatever technologies you choose from Cisco, and whatever skills you need to make a difference in your business, you’re not on your own. Dive in to Cisco, and you’ll find everything you need. Good luck and enjoy!

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Ant has been writing about the intersection of business and technology for nearly 15 years, working at companies large and small: from five-person marketing agencies to enterprises like Gartner and Cisco.

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