Cyber security small business trends 2018 – infographic

June 22, 2018 Carolina Marino Sargeant

Malware is becoming increasingly more vicious and challenging to combat. And it’s not just big corporations that are at risk, 46% of small medium businesses admitted they suffered a malware or other cyber-attack in the past year.   

The time to act is now. Companies need to take a pro-active approach to security to defend themselves against escalating cyber-criminal activity.

Cyber-security research: security challenges, cyber-attacks, and new technology

Cisco carried out research with cyber-security professionals across Europe Middle East, Africa and Russia to get insights into their security posture and their preparedness to defend against malware and cyber attacks. 

The infographic below focuses on 3 areas of the study: security challenges, cyber-attacks and adoption of new technology.

For more details on the techniques and strategies adversaries take to break through defences and evade detection, check out the Cisco 2018 Annual Cyber Security Report. The report also shows how IT leaders can take strategic security improvements to enable them to respond quickly and calmly to new threats, instead of lurching through patches and crises.

Cyber security trends 2018




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