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February 27, 2019 Hazel Burton

Did you know that 43% of cyberattacks hit small businesses, and that 60% are forced to close as a result of those attacks?

When it comes to stealing valuable intellectual property, financial information and customer data, small businesses are often the low-hanging fruit for cyber thieves. And that applies to more than just ransomware – it’s true of business email compromises, supply chain attacks and more.

Our new cyber security eBook explains why small businesses are at risk, and what they can do to drastically reduce those risks. More specifically, you’ll understand:

  • The ways hackers are targeting small businesses
  • The potential impact of a breach on your business
  • How a robust cyber security strategy can protect your small business
  • How to defend your small business against those threats with our small business security solutions

With cyber security concerns out of the way, you can focus on innovating and growing. Don’t spend your time worrying about the next attack. Instead, work on getting your next customer.

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About the Author

Hazel Burton

I'm the Marketing Storyteller for IT Security for Cisco's UK & Ireland region. That means I spend most of my time researching what those dastardly hackers are up to, and I also have a lot of conversations with my much cleverer research colleagues, in order to create content which seeks to inform people about the current threat landscape against businesses. IT Security is a subject I'm immensely passionate about, and what's most important to me is helping customers protect their livelihoods, and educating users not to leave the back door open. Outside of Cisco a big part of my life is improvisational comedy - I participate in weekly workshops at The Improvisation Foundation and perform on stage with my lovely fellow workshoppers once a month. Other than that I'm a big nerd when it comes to movies, as my blogs will no doubt unveil.

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