Choosing the best video conferencing for your business: Cisco Webex Vs Zoom.

May 21, 2019 Charlotte Sturman

Making your small business as productive as possible requires effective teamwork and collaboration, and research shows that one of the best ways to increase the quality of collaboration is through video conferencing. In fact, video-enabled collaboration is one of the most important factors driving success; it leads to faster decision making, improved employee productivity, a more personal interaction experience and more effective teamwork.

The best collaboration tools for small business

So how do you choose the right video conferencing tool for your small business? It really depends on your goals, the type of collaboration experiences you want to have, your tolerance for technology issues, your budget, and much more. And then there are the must-haves – good customer service from the tool vendor, reliability, and security.

There are several good options to consider, including two industry favourites, Cisco WebEx and Zoom

While both platforms share many features, such as the choice between cloud and local recordings, compatibility with most mobile platforms and good security, there are definite differences between the two.

Ask your own questions. What’s important to you? That’s what it’s all about.

For example, how highly do you value video quality? Do you have an in-house resource or you need a managed service? Is flexibility and a large feature-set important or do you value simplicity the most?

Cisco WebEx Vs Zoom comparison table

Below we compare the two platforms to help you work out what's best for your small business.


Cisco WebEx


Meeting types supported

Web and videoconferencing, webinars,

Video and audio meetings, video webinars, live broadcasting

File and screen sharing



Multimedia content sharing




DropBox, Box, Zendesk, Nimble, GitHub Zapier, Pardot, Configio, SharpSpring, Cherwell, Litmos, Act-On, efront, BizLibrary, Docebo, SuccessFactors, OneLogin, ThoughtIndustries, Paradiso LMSesExec, Bitium

Microsoft Office 365, Firefox, Outlook, Gmail, Chrome, Safari, Okta, HipChat, Slack, IBM Watson Workspace, Salesforce, Skype, Google, Box, DropBox, Eloqua, Marketo, Zapier, Pardot, Intel Unite, Crestron

Supported operating systems

Windows, Android, iOS

Android, iOS


Starter: $162 annually per host for up to 9 hosts and 50 participants per meeting. Plus: $215 annually per host for up to 50 hosts and 100 participants per meeting. Business: $323 annually per host for up to 100 hosts and 200 participants per meeting. All plans feature unlimited meetings.



Basic: Free for one person hosting up to 100 participants. Unlimited meetings. 40 minute limit on group meetings.  Pro: $180 annually per host. Unlimited meeting duration and 1GB of MP4 or M4A cloud recording. Business: $240 annually per host per year with a minimum of 10 hosts. Option for on premise deployment. Enterprise: $240 annually per host per year with a minimum of 100 hosts. Includes 200 participants, unlimited cloud storage, dedicated customer success manager.

Chat and messaging



Required Infrastructure

Video conferencing codec, VCS Control and Expressway, MCU, TMS or Telepresence Management Suite, Smartnet

Video Conference Codec and Cloud Connector accounts


Phone Support

Lower levels provide email support only, while higher plans provide phone support

Transcription available



Markup tools and whiteboard




Both in-progress diagnostics and historic reports. Metrics on user activity, resource use, bandwidth, availability.

Metrics on overall usage by meetings, participants, meeting minutes, location, devices used to connect to meetings, use of specific features during meetings, connection quality,

Read how Webex Teams helped Del Brenta drive 10x efficiency in their small business.

Request a free Cisco Webex demo here.


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